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    iAutoGlass is an expert windscreen repair & replacement services provider in Brisbane, Australia. The first thing our experts will do is assess if your vehicle’s windscreen can be repaired instead of windscreen replacement to avoid unnecessary cost overruns. Chips & cracks that are found directly in the driver’s line of sight means the windscreen replacement is deemed necessary. This is because a repair that compromises the driver’s view of the road is often dangerous.

    Moreover, repaired chips & cracks often leave the windscreen surface blurred to some extent. Chips & cracks at the edge of the windscreen tend to spread fast, which weakens the structural integrity of the windscreen. Furthermore, this will need a windscreen replacements sometime in the future.

    Front & Rear Windscreen Replacement Process Steps by iAutoGlass in Brisbane

    Windscreen replacement is a meticulous, detail-oriented & precise process. The steps our technicians will follow while replacing the windscreen in Brisbane, Australia is

    Remove broken glass from your vehicle

    Remove the broken glass from your vehicle with a vacuum cleaner. This is done painstakingly to avoid your vehicle’s interiors from being scratched or damaged.

    Remove the remaining damaged windscreen

    Use modern repair equipment to remove your windscreen without damaging the interiors or exteriors of your vehicle.

    Remove & Replace Rubber seals

    The existing rubber seals are replaced with new rubber seals to reinforce the new windscreen from water leaks.

    Apply fast drying high quality glue to the window screen’s edge

    Fast-drying high quality glue is applied around the windscreen edge. This forms a strong bonding of the windscreen to the rubber sealing.

    Installation of a new windscreen

    The window screen replacement is the last step in the process. A final inspection will confirm if the windscreen has an excellent watertight fit.

    Let Us Know How We Can Help With Your Windscreen Replacement Needs in Brisbane

    Quick & reliable windscreen repairs and replacement is vital to keep your vehicle in prime condition. Immediate repairs help you save money to avoid costly windscreen replacements. Kindly let us know your windscreen repair & replacement requirements by enquiring online. iAutoGlass can also assist in emergency mobile windscreen repair and replacement services anywhere around Brisbane & southeast Brisbane.

    Our mobile teams will be at your service on short notice. You just need to tell us the make, year and model of your vehicle. And we will be at your place helping you sort out all your windscreen repair/replacement needs. Kindly contact us on 0478 105 109 or email us at with all your windscreen replacement needs. Our customer service team will be give you a no-obligation quote to meet all your windscreen repair/replacement requirements in Brisbane, Australia.