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    iAutoGlass is your go-to place for mending the chips & cracks for all auto glass repairs in Brisbane, Australia. Our technicians are experts in repairing shattered & cracked front and rear windscreens for cars, trucks, vans, SUVs & Utes. Windscreens chips that are smaller than $ 1 AUS coin can be repaired.

    Our technicians will be honest if they know your windscreen is beyond repair and requires replacement. iAutoGlass technicians use a standard auto glass repair kit consisting of resins, curing films and pit fill polish & gel to mend most chips & cracks on your auto glass surfaces in South East Brisbane.

    Mending Chips & Cracks For All Auto Glass Repair Works in Brisbane

    Please find the steps our auto glass technicians will use to mend chips & cracks on auto glass surfaces in South East Brisbane

    Inspecting the cracks & chips

    The technician will do an inspection to assess the auto glass damage. This is to ensure that the chips & cracks repairs do not affect the visibility of the driver. Our experts will then confirm that the cracks or chips can be repaired or your auto glass surface needs replacement.

    Cleaning the crack

    Cleaning the crack involves removing chips of glass away. This is to make certain the cracks do not spread any further. Low-speed drills help to contain the damage caused by the crack.

    Applying the resin

    The restoration process begins with the application of an industry-standard resin. Resin is applied in small quantities so that the resin spreads uniformly. An injector is used to put in the resin to fill the chips & cracks. The process is repeated 2-3 times so that the injector fills the crack with resin while sucking out the air.

    Curing the resin

    After filling the resin a pit fill resin is applied. A transparent curing film is used to seal the crack. The curing process converts the resin from a liquid to a solid form.

    Resurfacing & polishing

    Experts will use a sharp blade to remove the overflowing resin. A pit fill polish is applied over the resin to make the windscreen surface look smooth. This clears all scratch marks to make the glass surface look new.

    Let Us Know How We Can Help Regarding You Auto Glass Repair Needs In Brisbane, Australia

    Quick & reliable chips & cracks repair works on auto glass is vital to keep your vehicle in prime condition. Immediate repairs help you save money on costly auto glass replacements, especially for windscreens. Kindly let us know your need for windscreen repairs. iAutoGlass can also assist in emergency mobile windscreen repair and replacement services anywhere around Brisbane & southeast Brisbane.

    Our mobile teams will be at your service on short notice. You need to tell us the make, year, and model of your vehicle. We will be at your place helping you sort out all your auto glass chip & cracks repair needs. Kindly contact us on 0478 105 109 or email us at admin@iautoglass.com.au with all your auto glass repair needs. Our customer service team will be able to give you a no-obligation quote to meet all your auto glass repair needs in Brisbane, or southeast Brisbane, Australia.